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Why Functional Medicine?

Just like Chinese Medicine, functional medicine is an approach to healthcare that focuses on addressing the root cause of a patient's health problems rather than just treating their symptoms. It involves a personalized, patient-centered approach that takes into account the individual's unique genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors.

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Functional medicine practitioners use a wide range of tools and techniques, including advanced laboratory testing, comprehensive medical history taking, and nutrition and lifestyle counseling, to uncover and treat chronic health conditions such as autoimmune disorders, diabetes, heart disease, and mental health issues.

The goal of functional medicine is to help patients achieve optimal health and wellness by identifying and addressing the underlying imbalances in their bodies. This may involve treating nutrient deficiencies, improving gut health, balancing hormones, reducing inflammation, and addressing environmental toxins.

We work collaboratively with our patients to create individualized treatment plans that are tailored to specific needs and goals. This approach empowers patients to take an active role in their own health and well-being, and may result in better long-term outcomes than traditional medical approaches.

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