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You've finished your cancer treatment and now you're wondering... What can I do to minimize recurrence?!  Sign up below for your FREE starter guide to find out!

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In this starter guide we will cover:

Meet the Team!

Presented by
Dr. Michelle Hines DAC, L.Ac, MS, BSN, RN, CFMP
Dr. Holly Rampone-Gulder DAC, L.Ac, MS, BS, CFMP

Pam Werner-Salsbury BS, CMT, BCTMB, RYT  

Since 2015, Michelle, Holly & Pam have developed a strong passion in working with those dealing with cancer. From early warning signs, diagnosis, treatment & beyond: they have been there for their patients- every step of the way.


Michelle & Holly have certifications in Acupuncture & Oncology from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and an international certification in Acupuncture Oncology. Both providers also hold certification in Functional Medicine.


Hearing the same questions & concerns from our patients throughout the years- sparked an idea... why don't we create something that is easily accessible answering all the questions we are asked every day? 


There is a gap in care within the current medical model between finishing treatment and living your life moving forward from cancer.


We are here to bridge that gap in care beyond cancer!  So, we decided to develop a non-profit company called, Impact Supportive Health, to make our resources easily & readily available to anyone looking to heal from cancer!  Check us out for more information through the button below!

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